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13 Mar 2006  •  Written by Mark

I thought I’d mention this to you guys first and give my readers first option on this offer.

The Yellow Llama is rising to task of providing low cost blog websites to anyone and everyone who would like their own soapbox to broadcast their thoughts, opinions, ideas and general rantings to the internet community.

The current trend of many companies to provide blogging platforms is great and all, but they dont offer much in the way of customization. What about if you wanted your blog to also be a portfolio of your work? What if you wanted to include your companies details and create pages of information regarding yourself, your friends, your work? Current blogging platforms dont allow for that.

The Yellow Llama however, is now giving everyone the opportunity to have a blog which you can use to write daily articles on whatever fluffs your tailfeather, as well as have customized pages of information that you could use to build a professional website for your company, enterprise… whatever.

Basically what we’re offering is this:

  • A free .com domain
  • Free hosting for your blog
  • A fully operational WordPress Blog
  • A choice of over 300 Blog design themes/templates

Once you’ve chosen your theme & your domain has been registered, your blog will be up and running within 24 hours.

All this is being offered for only R200 per month.

If you’re interested, please click on “contact” at the top right of this screen, give us your details and we’ll be in contact with you chop chop.

Send this to all your friends and get them involved.

Feel free to leave your comments/suggestions on this offer below.

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