Thunder Birds – the original

29 Nov 2005  •  Written by Dale

How many people remember these guys?

Just had like a paint-chip flash back or something and had to look it up.

Thunder Birds

They were the bomb man. As a kid they were my best friends, when all the other kids wouldn’t let me into their biker gangs and tree houses I knew I always had the Thunder Birds. They were the reason i learned to move the top of my head up and down when I talk instead of my jaw. They had kewl ships and terrible enemies and they always had a trick up their sleeves. No one could beat those Thunder Birds. Thunder Birds were “GO”. But not anymore, no, that was all before they were defiled by the little pansy kids of today that want to see Backstreet Boys playing used-to-be kewl characters. Well I got a message for all 12 year olds and under. I will beat any one of you in a fight. That’s right, i’m challenging any of you to come get your butt kicked. Well, the girls anyway, and maybe some of the smaller boys. But you’re not allowed to use karate and stuff, or like nunchucks. But I will fight any amount of girl scouts, one at a time. Until you ALL LEARN TO JUST SAY NO TO THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!!

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  1. Backstreet boys is a very popular band during my teenage years, they are great performers too.`*.

    Jocelyn Peterson  •  9 July 2010 2:56 pm

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